Standard Metal Ring Type Joint Gasket

Ring Type Joints are primarily used by the oil, gas, petrochemical and offshore industries. They are also commonly used on valve, pipework assemblies and vessel joints. Ring Type Joints are used to seal flanged connections subject to high pressures and temperatures. These precision-made solid metal gaskets form a metal to metal seal with the flanges. The gasket cross-sections are designed to concentrate the bolt load over a small are to produce a high seating stress. The gasket metal must always be softer than the mating flanges. The high seating stress causes “plastic-flow” of the gasket into the flange faces to create a seal. The “RX” and “BX” gaskets are designed to be pressure activated by the sealed media which improves the efficiency of the seal as the internal pressure of the system increases.

Standard materials include:

1) Soft Iron  

2) Low-Carbon Steel

3) TYPE 304 SS 

4) TYPE 316 SS

5) TYPE 321 SS

6) TYPE 502 SS